About the author

Ulrica Edvinsson Sundin was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988. She moved to the city of Linkoping in the beginning of her teenage years, where she remains to this day. She has studied literature at Linkoping University and today works as an author and creative artist.

She began at twelve years of age to write what should become the beginning of the fantasy series “Daughter of the Dragon.” The series first book “Daughter of the Dragon – The journey begins” (Drakens Dotter – Resans Början in Swedish) was released on September 17, 2016, which were her debut. And the sequel “Daughter of the Dragon – War of the Minds” (Drakens Dotter – Viljornas Krig) was released September 27, 2018. Edvinsson Sundin writes norm-breaking literature with a focus to tear down the ”woman in distraught”- syndrome and breaking the heterosexual norms that usually dominates the fantasy genre. The ”Daughter of the Dragon”- series goes by the tag line ”I’m no princess that needs saving.”  

All Ulrica’s books are published by her company Moloch Publishing company. Edvinsson Sundin started her business because she didn’t want to risk having to compromise between her vision for her creations and traditional publishing houses profit goals. Her intention with the company is to create fresh, think-outside-the-box, literature and designs filled with passion, love, and meaning. Ulrica has for a long time had a goal to use her autism to create art from her point of view, and challenge the stereotype that people with autism are without feelings and lack capability for success.