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Daughter of the Dragon
The Journey Begins

After witnessing the murder of her mother, Drokina flees the magical world where she grew up. During the escape, she tries to save her brother, but loses the grip of his hand when they’re going up a stone staircase, and he falls down and dies.

Drokina gets to the unmagical world where she forges a life outside society. She found new friends along the way, but are still hunted by the demons from her past – where some are more real than others.

For although Drokina is trying to put her old life and the magical world behind, she is persecuted by the demon Rexmond who have decided to take her to his kingdom. Drokina is neither interested in his castle or wealth but longs only for a life of freedom where her past does not reach her, but when her magical abilities inexplicably begins to grow, she must rely on Rexmond more and more – and the question is whether she can get the life she wishes, or if the demons will win the battle.

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Daughter of the Dragon
War of the Minds

Part two of the tale of the Daughter of the Dragon.

Rexmond has taken Drokina to the kingdom of the dragon-demons where she is kept prisoner. Mark has, after claiming that there are demons in the forest, been locked up at the psychiatric department of the city hospital where he begins to question everything he knows about the world. Rachel and Nicki come to his rescue but must at the same time make sure to keep both him and themselves safe from the dragon-demons. They do their best to save Drokina at the same time as more of their broken past come back to the surface.

“Daughter of the Dragon – War of the Minds” is part two of the norm-breaking fantasy series Daughter of the Dragon. The first part “Daughter of the Dragon – The Journe Begins” was praised for its strong female characters, and now the story of Drokinas struggle for a life of her own with own choices continue.

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Daughter of the Dragon
The Madlock Siblings

Part three of the tale of the Daughter of the Dragon.

Drokina has emerged from the realm of the dragon demons, but she’s still not safe. Kiboch is not ready to let go of the princess who was supposed to defend his kingdom, and Drokina’s fight for the right to her own life continues.

She tries to reclaim the family that she’d been separated from, but when she realizes that she knows less about her own species than she previously thought, Drokina begins to wonder where her place in the world really is. Rachel stands by her side as usual, now with Mark after Nicki abandon them. At the same time, more is revealed about Ricki’s past, where it is discovered that he’s not the one he believed he was.